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Abstract: The article outlines the problem fields generated by hate speech and that are relevant for social health, the social order, security and ethics. The author explains what hate speech is and analyses hatred as a morbid condition of the mind. The article looks for a source of counteraction to hatred in relevant socio-cultural containment and normative regulations; the context of the discussion here are the following dilemmas:

  1. To restrict or not to restrict defamation of otherness;
  2. The prohibition on free expression undermines or does not undermine the democratic legitimacy.

Hate speech in politics and the media is defined as “hostile therapy”. This is a counterproductive kind of therapy that does not heal but aggravates the ailment; as a result, various phobias arise. Fears usually appear where knowledge is lacking. The lack of knowledge leads to ignorance that obfuscates certain parts of reality, making them opaque in a way that creates a fertile basis for manipulation.
Keywords: hatred, health, knowledge, tolerance, norms

Assoc. Prof. Dr Veselin Bosakov