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Abstract: The traditional oppositions of “subjectivism” vs. “objectivism”, “nominalism” vs. “realism”, “psychologism” vs. “sociologism” have not yet been surmounted. The reconciliation of the humanist perspective (which takes into account the involvement of conscious subjects in social processes) with the scientific norms established in the natural sciences and in the naturalist philosophy of science is a process that has already begun in the history of social (and sociological!) thought. But due to the fragility of this trend, it may be disrupted by the so-called folk methodologists (respectively, folk sociologists), who, in their intellectual indolence, fail to problematize social reality, i.e., fail to ask the question how this reality is possible, and thereby miss the opportunity of eliminating pseudo problems and of problematizing the self-evident. This once again proves that the road to what is “simplest” and nearest to us is indeed a long and hard one.

Key words: humanist coefficient, perception, reflection, values, comprehension