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Ivkov, B. (2009) Adult Disabled People in Present Bulgarian Households – Role, Status and Positions. In: P. Naidenova, G. Mihova (eds) Ageing and Health. Centre for Population Studies, Medical University – Varna, Varna Manicipality. Sofia, pp.92-106 ISBN 978-954-92555-2-2

There are considered and analyzed some key issues, related to the role, status and position of disabled adults in the Bulgarian households, using data ofthe two waves of socio-demographic survey „ Generation relations and sgender”. Together with the inequalities and lower income status and social positions of disabled it is dicussed the adult disables’ state, their health condition and way of life and needs, related to the social responsibility and policy of the country in accordance with the EU membership requirements refering to sustainable development.


доц. д-р Божидар Ивков