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Ivkov, B. (2011) Sosial Attitudes and Inequalityes in the Area of DisabilityUrban and Rural Dimensions. In: Variety and inequalityes in Rural EuropeThe Bulgarian Case, Alija Press, Trojan, pp. 152-164. ISBN 978-954-8465-68-7

Abstract. On the basis of two empirical sociological surveys, this paper attempts to reconstruct the prevalent social behaviors towards people with disabilities in the contemporary Bulgarian urban and rural areas. It is shown that negative and ambivalent attitudes towards the disabled are more common in rural, than in urban areas as well as among those that define themselves as members of the Muslim and Pomakethnic communities, than among the ethnic Bulgarians. Indeed, behaviors typical to the so called moral or religious model of disability are often observed among the Muslims and Bulgarian Mohammedans.


Bozhidar Ivkov, PhD